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This is an online repository of an all submissions accepted as papers (oral and poster presentations) or as abstracts in the Seventh Pan Commonwealth Forum.

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  • Ferreira, Frances (2015-10-17)
    The transition to lower secondary education is now at the centre of the Education for All agenda in many countries. As more children are progressing through primary school the demand for secondary school places is growing. ...
  • Takwale, Ram; Sawant, Vivek; Deshmukh, M N (2015-10-17)
    NAI TALIM METHODOLOGY OF MAHATMA GANDHI // Mahatma Gandhi has given his scheme of Nai Talim (New Education) in a well formulated approach to education in 1937 in his news paper ‘Harijan’. It is a well developed philosophy ...
  • Mishra, Jyotsna; Nanda, Bijay K (2015-10-17)
    Mangrove Ecosystem of Bhitarkanika: There are many reasons why it is critical that we act to preserve the fragile coastal ecosystem of the Odisha Coast found at Bhitarakanika. Not only is the natural wonder of the sanctuary ...
  • Lenka, Kishore K; Nanda, Bijay K (2015-10-17)
    Education aims at the all round development of the child to help them grow as able citizens those who understand the purpose of safe guarding natural values, virtues and wise use of the resources to campaign for conservation ...
  • Billings, Heather J; Gomes, Aurelio; Inroga, Monica; Pearson, John; Walker, Elizabeth R (2015-10-17)
    West Virginia University and the Catholic University of Mozambique have established a partnership for improving medical education in Mozambique. The Catholic University of Mozambique Faculty of Medicine was established ...

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